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Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient practice of planning in order to achieve compatibility with environment. It’s a knowledge about earth and cosmic relationships of human with his surrounding which is dated for over 3000 years and comes from China.

How to explain an application of feng shui?

It’s a set of rules combined with intuition and life wisdom, which is used for optimal location of human’s adobe so its space had as beneficial influence on him as possible.


On this website you will find intresting and usefull tools as calculators, which allows you to use ready algorythms in your own applications and websites. It does not matter what programming language you use. You are able to integrate our API in almost every system which is connected to Internet.


You will be able to enumarate your KUA number, what astrological animal you are (Chineese Sign), who are your allies (astrological allies) and who is your astrological enemy (Astrological enemy). Moreover you will get to know, what’s your Peach blossom sign (Peach Blossom animal), or check your compatibility in love (Love Compatibility) or in bussiness (bussiness compatibility). Aparent from that, you will know sign of the day, mounth or year (Element of the hour, day, month, year). Do you want to know your lucky dimension (lucky dimension)? You can’t wait knowing your unborn baby gender (child gender) or maybe you need to know how to plan your flat/house? You will get to know where in your house are most beneficial sectors, how to strengthen them and how to deal with unfavorable energy (eight mansions) including beneficial and unbeneficial directions of energy flows (flying star). You can even meet your destiny based on your birth date (four pillars).